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Creative Biolabs Announced Bio-distribution Analysis Services for CAR-T Cell Therapy


Creative Biolabs, a frontier biotech service provider that offers high-quality antibody products, announced today their preclinical viability and bio-distribution analysis services for CAR-T cell therapy.

“All the time, we commit ourselves to promoting the development of CAR-T cell immunotherapy. We all know that CAR-T cell immunotherapy has received huge success for treating hematological malignancies. However, we can’t deny that there still remains a major obstacle related to CAR-T cells therapy. The limited replicative lifespan of CAR-T cells potentially prohibits the long-term therapeutic efficacy of CAR-T cells. And that’s the worth of our CAR-T Bio-distribution study to overcome this difficulty.” a scientist from Creative Biolabs said that.

In addition, despite the great efficacy in some solid tumors in early phase clinical trials, CAR-T cells may bring about some potential toxicities such as cytokine release syndrome, tumor lysis syndrome, neurologic toxicity, on-target/off-tumor recognition, and anaphylaxis.

“Besides our brand new viability and bio-distribution study of CAR-T, we also provide CAR-T toxicity evaluation service. We generally utilize appropriate models, design comprehensive research practices and handle high-quality in vivo studies. We promise that all of the studies are conducted in a GLP-compliant and IACUC-regulated facility. ”

With the tremendously increased demand for modern novel medicine, the CAR and TCR immune cell therapy has been one of the most promising approaches to target-specific cancer treatment. With integrated global resources in all aspects, experienced experts in Creative Biolabs will help you design the program that best meets your purpose and expedite your CAR-T cell therapy to clinical trials.

About Creative Biolabs

As a global company, Creative Biolabs has more than 200 talented and well-trained scientists located in different continents working closely with partners from the entire world to develop and produce medicines. Specifically, we are the established leading expert in TCR and CAR T&NK cell immune therapy development, as we offer the one-stop custom services that cover the entire new drug development pipeline. Additionally, we also offer an exclusive line of ready-to-use TCR and CAR T&NK cell construction products, such as virus packaging, purification, expansion and titer determination kits. Furthermore, we have built up a unique unparalleled CAR construction and production platform for all four CAR generations.

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