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Dynamk Capital Invests in FloDesign Sonics, a Game-Changer for Cell Therapy


ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J.Jan. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Dynamk Capital, a life sciences venture capital fund, today announced an exciting new investment in advancing the commercial production of CAR T and immunotherapies by adding FloDesign Sonics to its growing portfolio. Dynamk’s portfolio companies provide technologies and services that enable biopharmaceutical companies around the world to develop therapeutics faster and produce them more economically.

Dynamk Capital led the Series A2 round alongside other investors. FloDesign Sonics, a life science company, applies acoustic wave separation to challenges in cell handling.  Acoustic waves have been proven to be able to separate materials based on key characteristics such as size, density, compressibility, and other properties in relation to each other. FloDesign Sonics applies this principle using a device which can separate cells as required as part of the CAR T manufacturing process. This non-invasive, acoustic platform operates as a closed and automated system, addressing challenges of major immunotherapy, cell and gene therapy providers as they seek to scale these critical therapies.

Daniella Kranjac, co-founder and managing director of Dynamk Capital, said, “FloDesign Sonics is fundamentally changing cell selection, handling and separation through application of gentle acoustic processing. We are thrilled to see the commercialization of this technology in bioprocessing, and now FDS is set to innovate cell and gene therapy delivery, reducing cost and improving access to life-saving therapies, by enabling closed, automated, and gentle cell processing.”

FloDesign Sonics’ round was led and comprised by a group of life science leaders and former executives with proven track records, further validating the applications of this broad-reaching technology.  “We are extremely excited to be working with Dynamk Capital and look forward to leveraging the knowledge and experience the team brings. Their unique focus on bioprocessing tools and understanding of what it takes to commercialize products in the space will be a great asset to the future success of FloDesign Sonics.” said Stanley Kowalski, founder and CEO of FloDesign Sonics.

About Dynamk Capital
Dynamk Capital LLC is a venture capital firm investing in early stage life sciences companies.  Dynamk’s investment strategy is centered on identifying companies developing disruptive technologies, tools and services that enable the full biopharma continuum across discovery, development and manufacturing of therapeutics. The Dynamk team includes experienced life science entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and subject matter experts. Please visit www.dynamk.vc for more information.

About FloDesign Sonics
Founded in 2010, FloDesign Sonics develops acoustic technologies for the separation, concentration and purification of materials in an active fluid.  Their key focus area is cell therapy, helping to address manufacturing challenges related to the processing, separation and purification of CAR T cells. Please visit www.fdsonics.com for more information.

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